Break through the confusion with Recycle Check.

We know recycling can be confusing. What is accepted in one community program may be different in another.

This new tool, from The Recycling Partnership, offers an interactive solution to give local, package-specific recycling information to people across the U.S. in seconds.


How does Recycle Check work?

Recycle Check connects packaging information submitted by brands with The Recycling Partnership’s National Recycling Database, a centralized hub of local recycling information from community programs across the United States, covering 97% of the population.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, the Database captures local recycling changes as they occur so you’ve always got up-to-date information.

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Chat your recycling questions.

Ask The Recycling Partnership’s chat about what is accepted for recycling where you are, and keep an eye out for Recycle Check labels on the products you love.

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Integrate Recycle Check on your brand's products.

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